When Songflow receives the money from the DSP's (Music Services) we distribute the income into the balance/wallets of the separate artists.

The time between the initial play/download and pay out of royalties takes about 2,5-4 months. Some smaller DSP's pay out later.

As an artist you can expect your royalties to show up on your Balance in the second half of the month.

The regular monthly payout of royalties through a withdrawal has ended. You can now only request your Final Settlement that includes your royalties and payback of prepaid distribution fees less distribution fees that are still owed to Songflow for earlier distribution periods.  

Good to know / FAQ on Final Settlement Payments

We pay out in EURO.

PLEASE NOTE that if the balance of the Final Settlement is €5,00 or more we will pay out the sum on your bank account or PayPal account.  

For payments through PayPal we will have to charge a €2,50 administration fee. 

It's very important to indicate the correct information for administration and VAT purposes. You are responsible for submitting the correct information.

We can't indicate what the stream value is. This varies per subscription type per country every month.

The iTunes royalties include the income for the "iTunes Match" service, which are not download sales. 

After your withdrawal request is accepted and payment is processed, you can find your self-bill as a PDF document in your Balance/Transactions menu in the dashboard.

If you request an International Bank transfer outside the SEPA territories, the costs of the transaction will be recharged (BEN) to the artist/songflow user.

SEPA : https://www.ecb.europa.eu/paym/retpaym/paymint/sepa/html/index.en.html

Also check our Terms and Conditions / Paragraph 5 for more information. https://songflow.com/terms